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Tinned Copper Shipboard Marine Power Cable

Voltage: 0.6/1KV 1.8/3kV 3.6/6KV 6/10KV 8.7/15KV


Conductor: Tinned Copper

Insulation: EPR/Rubber/XLPE

Inner sheath: PCP/CSP/PVC/PO(SHF1,SHF2)

Outer Sheath: PVC/PCP/PO(SHF1, SHF2).

Armored: tinned copper wire braid(Galvanized steel wire braid)


The marine shipboard cable is intended for power,lighting and control system of shipboard and off-shore building,and it is also available to metallurgical chemical works,power planted and mines etc.

Flammability Features:

DA:Single cable flame retardant
SA:Bunched cable flame retardant
SC:Bunched cable flame retardant,halogen-free,low-smoke,low-toxicity



NominalCross-section Areas: 0.75mm2,1mm2,1.5mm2,2.5mm2,4mm2,6mm2,10mm2,16mm2,25mm2,

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