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ADSS Cable – All Dielectric Self-Supporting Aerial Cable

Product Name:ADSS cable
Model:All Dielectric Self-supporting Aerial Cable

☆ ADSS fiber cables are erect on the same pole with power line in new and old power line.
☆ A long span
☆ Areas of strong electric field, multi-thunder, etc

☆ Small cable Dia, light weight, 1,500m span, low attached load on tower.
☆ Tension strength is over 90KN.
☆ Non-metal structure, good insulation, anti-thunder.
☆ Fine production technology, even force for aramid fiber, with superior stress flexibility
☆ Anti gun fire
☆ Anti electro-corrosion.
☆ Adapt for bad climate.
☆ May construct without power cut, a power line failure doesn’t influence cable’s normal transfer.
☆ Tension units are elastic modulus aramid fiber.
☆ Electric trace resistant outer sheath is adopted to run safely under a circumstance of space electric field (E) ≤25KV/m.

Technical Parameters:


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